Acme x Karen Walker

Acme x Karen Walker

We're so very proud to present in collaboration with New Zealand designer, Karen Walker our latest range of Bobby mugs, in a selection of colours from Karen Walker’s latest collection... this has been a long time in the making, and it has been SO hard to keep this under wraps. We're so excited to finally share this with you, and for you to share the mugs with the people you love (or yourself of course)! 

Karen Walker: “We’ve worked with Acme on a bespoke palette that references our ‘Garden People’. The glossy colours we’ve pulled from the print are calming and timeless hues for the home and as well-designed, slightly retro cups, they’ll make the simple ritual of your daily cuppa, in the kitchen, in bed or at your desk that much more enjoyable.”

We thought that our Bobby Mug’s elegant, yet modern design was the ideal mug to showcase Karen Walker’s latest collection’s colours. We worked together on several different colour combinations and we really love how the final product has turned out - especially with the two colours on one mug, we thought that it really adds an interesting element to an everyday item, and your home.

Acme Cupco is proudly based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington where we have been creating for over 10 years. Our cups are proudly used all over the world and can be found in some of the best cafes and restaurants being used by award winning baristas.

Working together with Karen Walker on this collection has been a real pleasure and we’re really proud of the work we have achieved together. We’re looking forward to seeing this range becoming a part of peoples daily rituals” Megan Wyper, Co-owner Acme Cupco

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