Unnecessarily Large

Unnecessarily Large

Picture this: a long-time coffee love affair that's been brewing for years. Bonanza and Acme go waaaaay back! They’re like, the ultimate matchmakers for coffee, ensuring that each bean’s unique personality shines through. Bonanza have been using our Diner cups for many many years, they’re pretty much the cups’ biggest fan! So when they came to us about making a super specially large cup we were more than happy to oblige!

We worked with them to help solve their issue of not having a cup quite big enough for their coffee needs – we’re good like that. The cup also needed to be a suitable size so that baristas can comfortably pour their sweet sweet latte art. Like the rest of our Diner range, the Unnecessarily Large Diner cup is made from a durable porcelain in our classic Eggshell colourway.

Our Diner range pays homage to those classic American diner cups – sturdy and no-nonsense. But we take them to the next level, adding a dash of modern flair and functionality. It's the classic Diner cup – but reimagined!

The Unnecessarily Large Diner cup is accompanied by its own Unnecessarily Large saucer and joins the existing range of Demitasse, Small, Medium and Large Diner cups.

If you find yourself in Berlin any time soon, make sure you swing by and say hi to our friends at Bonanza. And be sure to order a Latte in the Extra Large Diner cup, we promise it’ll be a good time.



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