That's right, a giveaway!

We found a 6 pack of our super limited edition Angry Egg Union mugs, simple to click below to enter - if you're already on it our mailing list, then just fill it in again and you're in the draw. Super easy!

What is an angry egg mug?! Well, let me tell you a story! In 2019 when we were all still traveling. Megan and Paddy did the annual Europe trip for the World Of Coffee Event, we had just announced that we're to bring back the Eggshell Classic Diner range, for which we needed an icon. So we asked Acme Owner, Jeff Kennedy, for one of his drawings, you may have seen them about. And that in an... eggshell was how the Angry Egg was born.

But we didn't leave it there. We had some old Eggshell Union mugs that needed a home, so decided to get 200 printed with the Angry egg. We have been to countless trade shows and hate how much paper cup waste there is, so Megan and Paddy thought that giving out an angry egg mug to 200 people might reduce the waste just a little.

While doing our annual spring clean we have found a 1 x 6 pack of these mugs. The lucky last.


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