Matariki Celebrations!

Matariki Celebrations!
‘What exactly is Matariki?’ You may be wondering... It’s a special occasion here in Aotearoa, New Zealand which commemorates the start of the Maori New Year, this is also the first year that Matariki is recognised as a public holiday in New Zealand… and we just wanted to make sure that you know all about it! We're really excited about this event in the Maori calendar being not only recognised as a public holiday but all of Aotearoa, New Zealand celebrating it together! 

It's pronounced: Maa · tuh · ri · kee

Matariki is a historically honorable time, where a cluster of around 500 stars reappear in the early morning sky in Aotearoa. This falls between late May and early June, which happens to signal the Lunar New Year. Each year the date Matariki is celebrated changes, with the Maramataka – the Maori Lunar Calendar.

This year Matariki will be celebrated on the 24th of June.

There may be around 500 Stars in the cluster, but only six or seven are visible without a telescope. Around the world the Maratiki cluster is known by many different names, including The Seven Sisters, Pleiades, Constellation Taurus.

Historically, the stars were used as a gage on the growing season ahead – if the stars appeared clear and bright, you knew that the season ahead was abundant.

Traditionally, Maori celebrated Matariki festivities include fire lighting rituals, celebrations to honor ancestors and celebrations of life. Lately, us Kiwis come together across Aotearoa to share food, stories, music and spend time together to reflect on the year a head.

Matariki is about reconnecting with your home and whanau.

What does Matariki mean for us? Over Matariki weekend, you will find us relaxing and soaking up quality time with our families, enjoying some Kai and reflecting on the past year.

Mānawatia a Matariki!

Below is a couple links if you wanted to learn more about our new public holiday in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

- Our National Museum, Te Papa, give an over view on what all the stars mean - Te Papa

- It's only the 5th bill passed in New Zealand in duel language! Read More 

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