Anna's Gift Guide For the Thirty-Somethings

Anna's Gift Guide For the Thirty-Somethings

This is the guide for those that think body wash gift sets are ok to gift every, single, year. You can thank Anna for this guide, our 30 something in the office.

The trick of the trade when it comes to gift giving should be - functional, yet aesthetic... We'll say it louder for the people in the back... FUNCTIONAL YET AESTHETIC OKAY?!


Acme x Karen Walker Bobby Mug – You can not go wrong with this.

The Acme x Karen Walker Bobby Mug colour palette was inspired by Karen Walker’s ‘latest collection, with the Mug itself featuring a dual toned finish – this brings an interesting and aesthetically pleasing feature to an ordinary everyday product. 

The Acme x Karen Walker Bobby Mug is available in four variations of three different colours - Click Here 

Acme Flatware 24pc Set

MATCHING CUTLERY. Matching cutlery in a flat is rare to come across. It really grinds my gears to use a knife and fork that aren’t from the same set. We just appreciate how much a good set of cutlery can enhance the dining experience.

The Acme Flatware is made from hardened, brushed Stainless Steel. It is durable, solid and made to get better looking with age. Available here. 

Bibby Teacup in Rose

The Bibby cups are one of my many favs, the shape is just so... ya know?! 

The Bibby Teacup is 250ml, available in two colours Milk & Rose. Perfect for both Tea and Coffee, with the choice to add matching saucers. Available here.

 Acme Tee

I love a good Princess Diana moment (if you know you know), oversized sweater and bike shorts is always an elite combo for running around.

Swap the Sweater for our Tee and you'll be cool (pun intended) enough to make it through the Summer heat next year. Add our Tote bag for the complete look. 


Taster Cups

If I had to choose something because I couldn't keep hoarding every cup I've ever found and just had to have. It would be the Taster Cup. Not only do I get to be a bit delusional and play out that I'm some sort of coffee expert, since these cups were designed with the professional barista in mind, and for professional Coffee tastings called 'Cuppings.' 

But in reality they can be used for anything, filling them with ice-cream probably would be the go to choice after dinner, a little soup when dinner is just not going to be happening that night. Coffee of course! (Cue pretending I'm a coffee expert) and honestly anything in between. 

The fact they stack so neatly on top of each other scratches a very nice itch in my brain, while saving on space. 


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