Megan & Paddy introduce our Roman Cup

Megan & Paddy introduce our Roman Cup

 Roman; is a finer, lighter cup. Created for modern espresso and coffee.

Megan: The style of espresso has changed dramatically in the past 10 years, we're seeing a much lighter and longer style being served instead of the traditional style espresso. Serving a traditional style of espresso is very well suited to the cup it's been served in. Heavy. Which makes sense, right?

But what about a lighter style espresso that we're now serving? When you pick up a heavy cup with a light tasting drink in it, the customer's expectation of that drink is heavy, as we always judge the tactile first (when it’s been picking it up). But, put that same drink into a lighter, finer cup and your customer's experience is right where you need it to be.

Paddy: To achieve this we used a lighter material, Magnesium porcelain, as it's very durable but light, in fact, it is translucent when held up to the light. We saw a need for a vessel that reflected the change in espresso, something simple and unadorned yet functional.

Roman is available in a small 110ml, medium 170ml and large 270ml, the small cup fits our small saucer and as always the medium saucer fits both the medium and large cups. A new colour will be added to the range this December... 

Megan and Paddy are seen here at our Flagship cafe, Prefab. Paddy is our Lead Designer and Megan is the Marketing and Salesperson. Both have been making coffee in some form since their teenage years - with a combined total of 38-ish years. We could get really braggy and add in both owners total, at ACME we have a combined total of 98 years. But we won't. 

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