The perfect gift for someone special

The perfect gift for someone special

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift to celebrate one of your favourite women, look no further! Our cups, saucers, and mugs are like a warm hug in porcelain form. Crafted from durable porcelain, their elegant shapes make every sip feel like a special occasion and serve as a sweet reminder of your love and appreciation. Scroll down for our top picks…

A firm favourite in our Finer Range is our Bibby Cup. This beauty was inspired by an 18th Century teacup found carefully stowed away in a random box. The Bibby Cup is used as a sipping cup for tea or any drink that's a bit special and it's made of two parts; the lower half is tight and confined, and designed to maintain heat. Perfect for those super slow sippers in your life (we all know one) while the upper half is wide and open to help cool the beverage. This is the perfect companion for those that love unique, elegant design and like to pace themselves.

Meanwhile, the Union Mug is a salute to Aotearoa’s iconic cafeteria mug. The original was created by Crown Lynn Pottery and was ubiquitous in Union Worker Cafes in the 1950’s. Our Union Mug has been designed with a small foot to make it stable, so there’s no need for a saucer. The silhouette coupled with the newly introduced colour Weka (new to this range) makes this a popular choice for those who love a modern twist on vintage.

Based on our *very* scientific research, we've found that most coffee and tea drinkers relish their daily ritual of making a brew. Whether it’s weighing up the grinds, perfecting an espresso recipe, or letting the tea leaves steep, they’ll always choose a cup that brings them joy.  So, our Bobby Mugs with the dual colour combo channelling lamingtons and chocolate might be just the ticket? These limited edition, Karen Walker mugs have been a huge hit, especially as each cup comes in its own little box, all set for gifting.

Whether you're treating someone special or maybe indulging in a little self-love (you know you deserve it), our cups, saucers and mugs will help spread the love and pour on the happiness. Happy gifting!

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