UK Customers

UK Customers

June Update:
We have been working away in the background to make Acme available to our lovely UK customers. The update is that there isn't an update - we thought we would just need a couple months to get things sorted but nope, the UK just don't want to do business with Europe. Which is fine, that's their choice. 

Our Spainish distributors have increased their stock hold and are becoming experts in dealing with UK customs. 

We have also decreased our wholesale MOQs from factory so that ordering direct is a little more accessible. Please get in touch with Megan for more details:

Brexit has not won and we will make Acme available again - we have a couple things in the pipeline... 

Dear UK Customers, due to very high freight volumes, Covid & Brexit implications we have had to stop shipping orders into the UK effective immediate. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience. 

Brexit and Acme Europe: Due to how our company is set up in Europe (and Brexit), we won't be able to ship any orders into the UK from the 22nd December. We're hoping to change this ASAP but as its a bureaucratic process it will take time and lots of paper work to solve. However, being that we're Kiwis, we will find a way and hope to be selling to you again from April 2021.  

However! We're working with our distributors in Spain and you're able to purchase directly with them. Nacho and Sam have been distributing Acme since 2014, regularly (well prior to 2020) attended trade shows with us and are real champions of the brand + they're friends. 

They're looking forward to working with current and new customers from the UK. 

If you have any questions please just get in touch with Megan,

Kind regards, Megan, Paddy and Milly.

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