What Size?!

What Size?!


Choosing the right size cup can be tricky, you like the size of cup that your local cafe uses when you ask for a Flat White but they might be using our Cappuccino cup... then you order our Flat White cup, make a brew and it's too small! 

One person's Flat White is another person's Latte. 

All of us at Acme have worked in the cafe industry forever so this language is totally normal for us, which we often forget. We thought that a basic explanation might be helpful or make the situation more complicated? If you're still confused you can either strike up a wee chat with your local Barista, or put your fav cup on the scales and pour in some water. 

We notice that most of the time the confusion is around milk drinks so the below recommendations are based on our three most popular sizes in our Espresso cup range. 

Flat White - the Flat White drink came about because customers wanted a stronger Cappuccio with creamy smooth milk. As Acme is a New Zealand company we're totally going to tell you that the Flat White is a kiwi drink... we're basically experts. 

We would recommend the small 150ml cup for a double shot Flat White. If you prefer a milkier Flat White then the Medium 190ml Cappuccino cup is the cup for you. If you're unsure then we always recommend going a little bigger and underfilling it. 

If you're a large coffee drinker then our largest cup the large 280ml Latte cup is the one for you. 





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