Vessels that are perfectly designed for colder drinks. Our Made in Japan, Tajimi cup is ideal for an iced drink, a chilled glass of wine, and a cocktail. Porcelain works harder than glass to keep things cooler, making them ideal for summer. 

Our Bibby Range, is perfectly shaped to hold a large scoop of ice cream for an after dinner Affogato and finally how about adding a cube of ice to an Espresso and topping up with some soda water for a refreshing change to your daily Espresso.

The Roman range 110ml gives you a little extra space for the ice and water while still allowing you feel like you're having a quick Espresso 
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Tajimi Cup
Bibby Cup
Small Kawakawa Roman Cup
From €10,35 - €18,45
Roman Saucer
From €6,78 - €8,09
Large Kawakawa Roman Cup
From €11,42 - €19,52
Mini Kawakawa Roman Cup
From €9,04 - €17,02
Mini Milk Roman Cup
From €7,62 - €14,40
Small Milk Roman Cup
From €8,09 - €15,59
Large Milk Roman Cup
From €10,35 - €17,85